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  4. what’s left of a complicated work, just finished. I’m very satisfied!✌️

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    Bally Shoes AW 2014/15 for L’Officiel Hommes  (Outtake)


  6. featured by Armando Testa Agency

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  8. nice words about my work

  9. When I used to work in advertising, there was a rule to follow in order to write good copy: to understand and love the client’s product. Now I’ve been commissioned a photograph for a well-known cocoa brand. I’ve never drunk as much hot chocolate as in the last few days.

  10. #Repost from @lofficielhommesitalia with @repostapp —- This is how we celebrated our 5th anniversary issue in milan! regram by @learvr #lofficielhommes #lofficielhommesitalia (presso Piazza Sant’Ambrogio 29, Milan)